The History of

Morrison Motor Co

And the legacy of Jimmy Morrison (1949 - 2021)

Jimmy Morrison Served in Vietnam War

He was in Infantry Division 196th 1/46 Company C

Assistant Machine Gunner | Machine Gunner Squad Leader | Sometimes Point Man

Served from September 1969 to September 1970

Jimmy Morrison at Fort Bragg Boot Camp

Jimmy at Fort Bragg

Jimmy Morrison Military Photo

Jimmy at Fort Bragg

Jimmy and Linda Morrison leaning up against an 1966 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible. Dad bought in 1967

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Linda Morrison Bought new!

Jimmy Morrison and Sister Carol that taught at McNair School. Picture taken at Fort Bragg and Carol is in her 1928 Chevrolet Roadster

Jimmy and Linda Morrison together. Jimmy's father looking on.

Jimmy Morrison @ LZ (Landing Zone) Professional

At LZ Professional. From left to right, Charles Boise from Tennessee, Jimmy and Sgt Ray Pierce from Akin S.C. Back row Steve Faust from Florida and MI Carbine

At China Sea. Danny Davis, Dugan Dover from S.C, Jimmy and Terry Kiliam from Ark.

LZ Professional. Front Row Steve Foust, Chuck Boise, Jimmy Morrison, Danny Davis and Sgt Ray Pierce

China Beach, Danny Davis and Terry Killiam

Terry Killiam, Dugan Dover, Danny Davis and Jimmy Morrison

Chulai, China Beach, Jimmy Morrison

Stand Down Chulai

Stand Down Chulai

LZ Professional, Christmas 1969, 30 days of Christmas packages that Col held up.

Jimmy Morrison @ LZ Professional

Refugees @ LZ Professional

Xing River near LZ Professional

LZ Professional

Quad 50 LZ Professional

Jimmy Morrison at Bomb Crater

Jimmy Morrison in Christmas of 1969 crossing river

Jimmy reading letters from home!

Crossing Swift River, Note troops washing down

Jimmy Morrison and Dugan Dover

Jimmy Morrison and Dugan Dover

Jimmy Morrison

Danny Davis and Jimmy Morrison

Jimmy Morrison @ LZ Professional, Christmas 1969

Jimmy Morrison trying to cool down

Manual Dick that was KIA.

LZ Professional

Dugan Dover

Jimmy Morrison

Jimmy Morrison, Kit Carson Scout Previous NVA, just some good guys

LZ Professional

Walking through Bomb Crater

Bob Cates from Calf., Jim Kigel Machine Gunmen and Jimmy Morrison

Jimmy Morrison and Dugan Dover

Jimmy Morrison and Manuel Dick KIA. AK47 @ LZ Professional

Jimmy and Terry Killiam

Jimmy and Terry trying to be funny

Notice purple smoke for helicopter

Linda Morrison back home with flowers from Jimmy

Taking baths

Card Game, of spades while waiting for chopper

Dugan, Chuck Gaye from VA and Scout

A Papa son and Grandson, Danny Davis beside them

Bottom L-R: Bob Coats-Tom Bowan-Jim Kigel-Terry Killiam

2nd Row: Sue (Battle Creek Mich)-Chuck Boise

Back Row: Jimmy Morrison-George-Danny Davis-Gary Winters KIA-Lip

Bomb Crater

Vietnamize Hootches, Note Banana trees


L to R: George (OK), Sgt. Ron (NC), Steve Faust (Miami)


L to R: Steve Faust-Manuel Dick KIA, Bob Rodriguez, Tom Brown (Calf)

Good LT. Platoon Leader with Jimmy Morrison

Korean Show, Stand Down Chulai

Near Tam Ky, Jimmy Morrison. Notice Graves in background.

Manuel Dick

Jimmy Morrison

Tam Ky Bridge

The wall Company C 1/46 196th

Jimmy Morrison is 3 rows up and 4th from the left

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